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MEXT announces new guidelines for reopening schools

  • March 24, 2020
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All networks reported that Education Minister Hagiuda disclosed this morning a set of guidelines prepared by MEXT based on the recommendations by the government panel of experts for reopening schools from the new school year that begins in April. According to NHK, the guidelines call on schools to ventilate classrooms and request that students and teachers wear face masks when having conversations in close proximity. If infections are confirmed after schools are reopened, the guidelines call on the schools to decide whether to temporarily suspend the attendance of students who have tested positive or had close contact with those infected, or partially or completely close schools after carefully examining the symptoms and the number of people infected in the region. The networks quoted Hagiuda as telling the press: “We are still in a tough situation where everyone needs to exercise self-discipline. Based on this general premise, we will prepare to reopen schools while remaining vigilant through the end of the spring break.”

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