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  • March 27, 2020
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NTV gave top play to a report that the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has topped 500,000 and the death toll has reached 23,000. The network also noted that the number of cases in the U.S. has topped 82,000, marking the largest number of cases in the world. NHK led with a report that Tokyo Governor Koike held a meeting of a taskforce on COVID-19 this morning, during which she reiterated that Tokyo is on the verge of an “overshoot,” or an explosive rise in infections, and urged residents to avoid nonessential outings. Fuji TV led with a report that Tokyo Governor Koike has proposed temporarily using the athletes’ village for the Tokyo Olympics to house COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms. TBS led with a report that residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area will be requested to avoid nonessential outings starting tomorrow. TV Asahi gave top coverage to a report that Hanshin Tigers pitcher Fujinami tested positive for the new virus, adding that two more players on the team have also tested positive. 

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