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Gist of gov’t’s basic policy on coronavirus countermeasures

  • March 29, 2020
  • , Yomiuri , p. 4
  • JMH Translation

The following is the gist of the government’s basic policy on coronavirus countermeasures decided on March 28:


Overall policy


The government will control the speed of the spread of the new coronavirus by containing infection clusters in each region and reducing person-to-person contact. This will protect the elderly and keep the number of severely ill patients and deaths to a minimum. Taking precise anti-epidemic measures and economic and employment measures will also minimize the effects of the virus outbreak on Japan’s social and economic functions.


Providing and sharing information


The government will call on the public not to discriminate against people infected with the virus or against people who have come in close physical contact with them by providing accurate information, such as the status of infections.


Epidemic prevention


The government will call on organizers of nationwide or large-scale events to respond prudently, including cancelling or postponing their events. It will ask regions with rising infection numbers to cooperate with voluntary self-quarantine and event cancellation and will designate a specific period of time for such measures. Once the spread of infection begins to slow down, the government will start lifting its request for voluntary cancellations starting with activities that present little risk of spreading the infection. The government will improve the network of health centers from the perspective of fundamentally strengthening anti-cluster measures.




As for whether a situation will arise that meets the requirements for declaring a state of emergency, the chief of the government task force (i.e., the prime minister) will make a comprehensive assessment after thoroughly listening to the opinions of the government advisory panel on the possible major effects of such a declaration on people’s lives and the nation’s economy.  

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