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Over 80 firms launch association to protect transportation networks from cyberattacks

  • March 30, 2020
  • , Sankei , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

Eighty businesses in the transportation industry are planning to launch a new organization on April 1. The organization’s goal is to counter cyberattacks as they are becoming increasingly malicious and some of them are even taking advantage of the spread of the new coronavirus. The name of this new organization, a general incorporated association, is “Kotsu (Transportation) ISAC.” There is risk of cyberattacks on transportation systems leading to major accidents and enormous leakages of personal information. The launch of the organization will reinforce collaboration between competitors and across business categories.


Airlines such as All Nippon Airways, railroads such as the Japan Railways (JR) companies, logistics companies, and airport management companies will participate in Transportation ISAC. A representative from East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) will assume the position of representative director. There are plans to hold meetings several times a year. The meetings will be a venue for exchanging information on attacks and any damages incurred, as well as for sharing results of cyberattack training sessions in order to improve safety.


Some participating companies have already suffered domestic or international cyberattacks. There is a heightened awareness of security issues among the companies, with a view to avoiding a major incident.


Since the new coronavirus began spreading, there have been reports of attempts to steal personal information by sending email messages containing phrases such as “This is the new company policy for the coronavirus. Please check this URL.”


Although sharing and disclosing information on cyberattack damages may be detrimental to business activity, Transportation ISAC was launched to counter increasingly intensified cyberattacks. ISAC stands for “information sharing and analysis center.” The idea was spearheaded by an organization called ICT ISAC that is comprised of information and communication companies such as NTT. Financial firms such as banks have launched a similar organization.

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