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Former Goldman Sachs executive named as GPIF chief investment officer

  • April 1, 2020
  • , Nikkei evening edition , p. 3
  • JMH Translation

The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), which manages public pension funds, will appoint Eiji Ueda, formerly of U.S. Goldman Sachs, as its chief investment officer (CIO). The appointment will be announced on the evening of April 1. Ueda has many years of experience in bond trading and other market operations. GPIF appointed him to the post responsible for the investment of public pensions on account of his large network of financial industry contacts inside and outside Japan.


Ueda will assume the post following a decision by the GPIF board of governors and approval from health minister Katsunobu Kato. Hiromichi Mizuno, the outgoing CIO, stepped down on March 31.


Ueda graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1991 and joined U.S. Goldman Sachs. He served as a joint coordinator of the Asian securities division and a director of its Japanese subsidiary before leaving the company in 2019.

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