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Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga left out of the loop on crisis management

  • April 18, 2020
  • , Asahi
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The Saturday edition of Asahi reported that shifts in Japan’s political dynamics have caused confusion within the Abe administration over the coronavirus outbreak. The paper wrote that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, who has strong connections with LDP Secretary General Nikai and the Komeito party, and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Sugita, who gathers information from each ministry and agency, have conventionally been in charge of crisis management within the Abe administration. However, Prime Minister Abe’s aides took the lead in the decision to request nationwide school closures in February, according to Asahi. Not only Education Minister Hagiuda but also Suga and Sugita were reportedly left out of the loop on the matter. Both Suga and Sugita were also reportedly cautious about the idea of expanding the state of emergency declaration nationwide, but their views were not considered. The paper also wrote that while Tokyo Governor Koike is increasing her presence in opinion polls as a possible post-Abe candidate along with former LDP Secretary General Ishiba, LDP policy chief Kishida, another post-Abe candidate, suffered a setback because his personal idea of providing 300,000 yen to households in need has been cast aside.

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