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Local governments to conduct onsite inspection into PFOS leak at Futenma

  • April 19, 2020
  • , Okinawa Times
  • JMH Translation

Sunday’s Okinawa Times projected that in the near future a joint onsite investigation of the leak of foam extinguisher containing perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) into a local river will probably be conducted by the central government, the Okinawa prefectural government, and the Ginowan municipal government at MCAS Futenma. However, the local governments are reportedly concerned that they will not be permitted to gather soil and water samples to check for potential contamination given that the inspection methods are being worked out between the central government and the base authorities.


The daily also wrote that Okinawa officials were surprised by the onsite inspection conducted on Friday by a team of six GOJ officials because they were not given a heads-up and were concerned that the U.S. military might not allow their access to the facility. Defense Minister Kono reportedly apologized to the local governments for failing to notify them in advance.

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