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Tokyo governor asks residents to stay home and reduce shopping trips

  • April 24, 2020
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All national dailies reported on a news conference held on Thursday by Tokyo Governor Koike, during which she reiterated her call for Tokyo residents to stay home during the upcoming Golden Week holidays and limit the frequency of grocery shopping trips to once every three days to prevent supermarkets from becoming too crowded amid the coronavirus outbreak. The governor said she will call for cooperation from store operators to implement such measures as informing customers of less crowded times, limiting the number of shopping baskets, and designating times for the elderly and disabled to shop.


Asahi wrote that on Thursday the GOJ called on prefecture governors nationwide to ask operators of supermarkets and other retail outlets to limit the number of customers in their stores when necessary in response to concern expressed by an experts’ panel on Thursday that although there are less people in busy downtown areas following the declaration of a state of emergency and the government’s stay-at-home requests, the numbers of people in suburban shopping centers and supermarkets have been increasing.

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