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GOJ to recall cloth masks slated for distribution to all households

  • April 25, 2020
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All national dailies on Saturday reported on the GOJ decision to recall the cloth face masks that it plans to distribute to all households nationwide because some of them were found to be contaminated with mold, hair, or dead insects. As many as 30% of the masks that were delivered were deemed to be “defective” by a local public health center in Oita Prefecture. However, the GOJ still reportedly plans to maintain the unpopular 46.6 billion-yen ($430 million) “Abenomask” initiative that was intended to address the prolonged shortage of face masks. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told the press on Friday that the masks currently slated for distribution will be carefully inspected and eventually delivered to the remaining households. He also reportedly noted that the GOJ has managed to reduce the cost of the controversial project by 10 billion yen. 

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