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Early approval of Avigan for COVID-19 treatment may be difficult

  • April 27, 2020
  • , Nikkei
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Today’s Nikkei speculated that while there are high expectations for the use of the Avigan to treat COVID-19, the Health Ministry’s plan to approve the influenza drug by the end of this year may be difficult to implement since such approvals usually take about a year following clinical tests, which may not be completed until the end of June. The ministry reportedly intends to use a special mechanism for “pioneer medication” to shorten the approval process by half by speeding up the safety screening. While noting that some ministry officials are hesitant about swiftly approving Avigan for COVID-19 because they are concerned about the potential side-effects, the daily said doctors are growing impatient since they can only administer the drug for “research purposes” until its use is approved.

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