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Outpatient coronavirus testing facilities to be set up in 12 prefectures

  • April 26, 2020
  • , Mainichi
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Sunday’s Mainichi led with a report saying that Iwate, Tochigi, and ten other prefectural governments, as well as a dozen major municipal governments across the nation, have decided in collaboration with local doctors’ associations to establish PCR testing facilities for outpatients in response to the Health Ministry’s recent recommendation to boost diagnostic testing capacity. While noting that more than 20 other prefectures and dozens of other major municipalities are also looking into the feasibility of setting up such facilities, the daily said some local governments are running into difficulties due to the lack of technicians and laboratories in their areas.


In a related development, all Monday papers reported on the Health Ministry’s plan to allow dentists to administer PCR tests in order to increase testing capacity, especially in the countryside. Dentists will be allowed to conduct nasal swabs to collect tissue samples after receiving training on the procedure. This policy will only apply during the coronavirus outbreak. 

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