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U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz departs home port after sailors complete 27-day self-quarantine

By Etsunari Kurose


On April 27, the U.S. Navy announced that nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Nimitz left its home port in Bremerton in western Washington State for training. Earlier, sailors on the aircraft carrier had been found to be infected by the novel coronavirus.


All of the Nimitz’s sailors were required to go into self-quarantine for 27 days, almost twice the 14-day period set by U.S. health authorities. After completing the quarantine, they took a mandatory coronavirus test. The flattop left the navy base after confirming that no sailors on board were infected by the virus, sources said.


In its upcoming training, the USS Nimitz will reportedly conduct combat and anti-electronic warfare exercises and pass through straits on high seas.


As of April 28, at least 955 sailors aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt are infected by COVID-19. This represents about one-fifth of entire crew.


Sailors aboard missile destroyer USS Kidd were also found to be infected with the virus. The ship returned from the Caribbean Sea and.arrived at Naval Base San Diego in western California on April 28. Of the crew of 380, at least 47 are infected with the novel coronavirus, sources said. All sailors, except for the minimum number required to staff the ship have gone ashore and entered quarantine on base.

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