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Prefectural governors react to extension of state of emergency

  • May 6, 2020
  • , All national papers
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All national dailies wrote on Wednesday that prefectural governors across Japan are responding in various ways to the central government’s extension of the nationwide state of emergency through May 31. Tokyo Governor Koike said on Tuesday that Tokyo will ask restaurants and other establishments to continue to stay closed or shorten their business hours through May 31. The governor also called on business owners and companies to maintain social distancing and urged people not to participate in crowded events.


Osaka Governor Yoshimura announced that Osaka has established an “Osaka model” for gradually lifting restrictions on economic activities, stressing that a clear target for easing restrictions is needed. Yoshimura said Osaka will continue to ask citizens to refrain from nonessential outings and organizers to suspend events unless the following three criteria are met: the number of new cases with unclear infection routes drops below 10 per day, the positive rate among people tested for the virus falls to less than 7%, and the occupancy rate of hospital beds for patients with severe symptom drops below 60%. The governor said that all these conditions will need to be met for seven consecutive days, and the prefectural government plans to determine on May 15 whether to gradually reopen businesses.

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