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Highlights of Japan-related events for May 4-10

  • May 3, 2020
  • , Kyodo News , 12:01
  • English Press

TOKYO – Highlights of Japan-related events for May 4-10:


May 4 (Mon)

— Greenery Day, national holiday.

— Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to make final decision on extending state of emergency and hold press conference.

Abe first declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus epidemic on April 7 until May 6 for seven prefectures including Tokyo and Osaka, expanding it nationwide on April 16 prior to the Golden Week holidays when people usually travel for vacations or visit their hometowns. He is expected to announce an extension for about a month, following a recommendation by a government panel of experts that the current measures remain in place.


May 5 (Tues)

— Children’s Day, national holiday.


May 6 (Wed)

— End of period currently set for Japan’s nationwide state of emergency.


May 7 (Thurs)

— Nintendo Co. to release FY 2019 earnings results.


May 8 (Fri)

— Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to release average household spending data for March.

Japan’s household spending in February fell 0.3 percent from a year earlier, down for the fifth consecutive month, according to ministry data. While the coronavirus spurred spending on items such as masks, expenses for travel and transportation declined.

— Sakai branch of Osaka District Court to hand down partial ruling on Junya Hida, who escaped from police station and went on run for nearly seven weeks in 2018.

Hida, who was initially indicted on charges of rape and other offenses, was put on a nationwide wanted list after he broke out of a room where he had met with his lawyer. He was recaptured in Yamaguchi Prefecture after allegedly stealing from a shop.

— First anniversary of incident in which 2 preschoolers were killed, nearly dozen others injured in car collision in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture.

Two preschoolers were killed and nearly a dozen were hurt after a car collided with another vehicle and rammed into the toddlers who were out on a walk with their teachers. In February, Fumiko Shintate, the driver held responsible for the incident, was sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

— Nomura Holdings Inc. to release FY 2019 earnings results.

Nomura Holdings postponed releasing its earnings results from late March to May due to the coronavirus epidemic, as it became difficult to gather data from its operations abroad due to movement restrictions, as well as from Japan, where workers are increasingly asked to telework.

— Mitsubishi Corp. to release FY 2019 earnings results.


May 9 (Sat)

— No major events.


May 10 (Sun)

— No major events.

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