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Okinawa not fully satisfied with PFOS surveys at Futenma

According to Okinawa Times, some Okinawa officials welcomed the fact that the U.S. military allowed them to enter MCAS Futenma several times to conduct onsite investigations into the recent leakage of foam extinguisher containing PFOS and other toxic chemicals. In reference to the water and soil sampling that they were permitted to conduct at several locations on the base, one prefectural government official reportedly said this was made possible thanks to a bilateral environmental pact that supplements the SOFA. However, the prefectural government is not fully satisfied with the situation because they were only given soil samples after the U.S. military had removed soil near the hangar where the spill took place. A prefectural government official conjectured that the local government was allowed to take water and soil samples to check for possible contamination perhaps because the base authorities apparently wanted to call attention to the sites having become “clean and safe” as a result of the soil removal operation. The daily added that the local government will continue to press the U.S. military to provide samples of the soil that was removed from the leakage site.

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