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China willing to accept WHO team on virus origin

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson says China supports the World Health Organization’s efforts to investigate the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.


Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying on Thursday was referring to the WHO announcement on Wednesday that it is in talks with China to send a mission to the country to look at “what happened at the beginning” of the pandemic.


US President Donald Trump has said the virus may have spread from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Hua said the question of the virus origin should be dealt with through scientific examination conducted by experts. She said China is open and willing to cooperate with the WHO on the matter.


When she was asked about US President Trump blaming China for the global spread of the virus, Hua said that the virus is a common enemy facing all humans and the United States and China should fight together against it, and not with each other.


The spokesperson was also asked about US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s comment that there is “enormous evidence” that the virus began in the Wuhan lab.


Hua said his claim is a fabrication and a plain lie.

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