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Majority dissatisfied with Japan’s coronavirus response, Nikkei poll

By Yuta Shimamoto, Nikkei staff writer


TOKYO — Dissatisfaction with the Japanese government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak is growing, with 55% of respondents to a weekend Nikkei/TV Tokyo poll saying they do not have a favorable view.


The negative rating among respondents grew by 11 percentage points from the previous poll in March, climbing to the highest since the question’s introduction in February. Those satisfied with the response slipped 9 points to 38%.


Even among supporters of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet, 35% lacked a positive view of the government response.


The Abe cabinet’s approval rating of 49% is in line with the 48% reported in the March survey, after the figure dropped earlier in the year. Disapproval remained steady at 42%.


The opinion poll, conducted by phone from Friday through Sunday, received 1,165 responses. (JMH created and added the line graph.)

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