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  • May 11, 2020
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NHK, NTV, and TV Asahi led with reports that the GOJ may decide to lift the state of emergency for 34 prefectures ahead of May 31. Fuji TV gave top play to a report that Tokyo confirmed 22 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. TBS led with a report that 11 of the 15 pachinko parlors that were singled out by the Tokyo government on Saturday for not complying with its request to suspend operations were still open yesterday.


Top stories in national dailies included the likelihood that the GOJ will lift the state of emergency for 34 prefectures (Yomiuri), the GOJ’s failure to anticipate the need for large-scale PCR testing in its 2013 action plan against new infectious diseases (Mainichi); efforts by companies worldwide to increase liquidity amid the coronavirus outbreak (Nikkei); an interview with political scientist Ian Bremmer where he discussed the deepening rift between the United States and China (Sankei); and China’s attempt to seek “digital hegemony” in Africa and elsewhere in the world (Asahi).

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