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Tokyo discloses positive test rate for COVID-19

  • May 9, 2020
  • , All national papers
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According to the Saturday editions of all national dailies, the Tokyo metropolitan government (TMG) disclosed on Friday for the first time the ratio of people who tested positive for the novel coronavirus compared with the number of those who underwent PCR testing. The average rate for the week that began on May 1 was 7.5%. According the TMG, the corresponding figure in mid-April was slightly over 30%. Nikkei noted that according to the Health Ministry, Tokyo’s overall positive rate through May 6 was 37.1%, which is higher than that of New York City, where an exponential surge in cases occurred. Meanwhile, Yomiuri took up a separate TMG announcement on Friday that the PCR testing capacity in its jurisdiction has now increased to 3,000 tests per day.    

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