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Majority dissatisfied with GOJ’s response to coronavirus outbreak

Monday’s Nikkei wrote that 55% of the respondents in a nationwide telephone survey conducted by Nikkei and TV Tokyo on May 8-10 said that they do not approve of the GOJ’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. The negative rating grew by 11 percentage points from the previous poll in March, marking the highest figure since the question was first asked in February. Those satisfied with the response dropped by 9 points to 38%. Even among supporters of the Abe cabinet, 35% disapproved of the government response. Cabinet support stood at 49%, 1 point up from March, while nonsupport remained at 42%.


Monday’s Yomiuri also reported on the results of its weekend nationwide poll, in which 58%, up 19 points from a survey conducted on March 20-22, disapproved of the government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, while 34%, down 19 points, approved of it. Cabinet support stood at 42%, the same as the survey conducted on April 11-12, while nonsupport was 48%, down 1 point.


Monday’s Sankei reported on the results of a telephone poll conducted by Kyodo News over the weekend. 57.5% of the respondents reportedly disapproved of the GOJ’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, while 34.1% approved. Kyodo speculated that the poll results reflected the public’s frustration over the GOJ’s repeated requests for people to stay home and for businesses to suspend operations. The approval rate for the Abe cabinet stood at 41.7%, up 1.3 points from the previous survey in mid-April, while the disapproval rate was 43.0%.

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