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DOD having difficulty replacing toxic foam extinguisher with nontoxic version

Sunday’s Okinawa Times reported from Washington that the Pentagon might not be able to replace its foam extinguisher containing PFOS and other chemicals with a nontoxic version by October 2024 as planned because of the paramount difficulty of developing an alternative product. The DOD submitted to Congress in March an updated estimate for the production of an alternative to the extinguisher foam, saying that it will be difficult to develop a replacement that does not contain toxic substances in the near future and that the associated costs, including those for replacing relevant components on fire trucks, may soar from the original $600 million to as much as $6 billion. The Pentagon now reportedly projects that it may take 18 years to complete the entire replacement process.


In a related piece, the daily wrote that officials from the Okinawa prefectural and Ginowan municipal governments will visit MCAS Futenma on Monday to sample the soil at a few locations, including the hangar where the foam extinguisher spill occurred in early April. This will be the fifth onsite inspection following the PFOS leakage.

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