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Antiviral paint in limelight amid coronavirus epidemic

  • May 9, 2020
  • , Jiji Press , 6:38 p.m.
  • English Press

Tokyo, May 9 (Jiji Press)–Antiviral paint products, confirmed to be effective in suppressing the multiplication of the influenza and other viruses, are gaining public interest in Japan amid the coronavirus epidemic.


Although they have yet to be confirmed in their effectiveness against the novel coronavirus, sales have grown due to high consumer demand.


Kansai Paint Co. <4613> began sales of a sheet to minimize infections through contact in late March. The sheet is made of nonwoven fabric, covered in plaster paint comprising primarily of hydrated lime, which is effective against germs and viruses.


The sheet can be cut into small sizes and pasted onto doorknobs and handrails. Kansai Paint said that the sheet is effective for half a year.


As the product was released just as coronavirus infection shot up in Japan, the company sold more than it had originally predicted. Sales in late April almost doubled from the early part of the month.


Kansai paint is considering boosting production and releasing a similar product, with a company official saying, “There is heightened interest in preventing infections.”


Nippon Paint Co. has been flooded with inquiries for its Perfect Interior Air Clean wall paint from major construction companies and architectural design offices since late February.


The paint uses photocatalysis to contain the multiplication of germs and viruses, and is used for interior walls at hospitals and stores.


The novel coronavirus is said to spread through airborne particles from coughs and through touching contaminated items. Demand for materials that lower the risk of infection through contact is expected to rise further.



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