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Emergency medical centers in special alert prefectures restrict admittance of general patients

  • May 10, 2020
  • , Nikkei , p. 27
  • JMH Translation

According to a Nikkei survey, 5% of the emergency medical centers in the 13 prefectures under special alert for the new coronavirus are limiting their admittance of general emergency patients, as of the end of April 2020. There are at least nine such medical centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, and Hyogo Prefectures. The medical centers have restrictions in place because they are prioritizing the treatment of patients with the new coronavirus.


There are about 300 highly specialized emergency medical centers nationwide capable of treating patients requiring special medical care. Of that number, 162 centers are located in the prefectures under special alert.


According to a survey conducted by the Nikkei, a total of nine centers in three prefectures had suspended or limited their admittance of general patients as of the end of April 2020. By prefecture, there are three such medical centers in Tokyo, four in Osaka, and two in Hyogo. There were several such centers in Aichi, but the exact number is unknown.


One reason for restricting admittance is to prioritize patients who are suspected of having the new coronavirus.


Outbreaks within medical facilities have also affected the situation. Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital has basically suspended the admission of new patients after some staff and general inpatients were found to have the new coronavirus. (Abridged)

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