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Japan wary of China’s renewed maritime push

Mainichi reported that the Chinese are actively conducting naval operations in the South and East China Seas lately apparently by capitalizing on regional countries’ preoccupation with the coronavirus outbreak. As Japan is increasingly alarmed by China’s renewed maritime push in the vicinity of the Senkakus and Okinawa, Defense Minister Kono has reportedly held a series of teleconferences with his regional counterparts, including those from the U.S., Australia, and India in the past few weeks. Kono urged them to maintain and strengthen coordination to preserve peace and order in East Asia.


In a related development, all national papers wrote that the Chinese government lodged a protest with the GOJ on Monday over a recent “illegal fishing” incident involving a Japanese trawler in waters near the Senkakus. The papers wrote that the GOJ had filed a protest with the Chinese government over the incident that occurred on Saturday, claiming that Chinese coast guard boats chased a Japanese fishing boat after intruding into the nation’s territorial waters around the outcrops.

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