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  • May 12, 2020
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NHK led with a report that a growing number of restaurants and drinking establishments in Tokyo are staying open until late at night despite the Tokyo government’s request to shorten their business hours. NTV and TBS gave top play to reports that Tokyo confirmed 15 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, the lowest figure since Tokyo was placed under the state of emergency. The networks said, however, that the Monday figures are usually low, and Tokyo Governor Koike warned of a possible second wave. TV Asahi led with the finding that there were 111 cases of COVID-19 that had not been reported to the Tokyo government and 35 cases in Tokyo that had been reported multiple times, saying that the total number of cases in Tokyo has increased by 76 as a result. Fuji TV reported that the temperature in the Tokyo area exceeded 30 degrees Celsius on Monday.


Front-page items in national papers included Prime Minister Abe’s intention to enact during the ongoing Diet session a controversial bill aimed at extending the retirement age of public prosecutors, Japan’s heavy dependence on supplies of foreign medical equipment, the GOJ’s inclination to lift the state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic for most prefectures on May 14, and growing moves among some prefectural governments to establish their own criteria for discontinuing requests for local businesses to suspend operations.

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