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Total of 111 cases not reported to Tokyo government

  • May 12, 2020
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NHK reported that Tokyo Governor Koike disclosed in a YouTube video posted on Monday that 111 cases of COVID-19 had not been reported by public health centers to the Tokyo government. Koike reportedly said: “We established a center that manages patients’ information from the onset of symptoms to the end of the treatment in order to closely examine past data. The center found that 111 people tested positive but the positive test results were not reported to the Tokyo government by public health centers, and 35 positive tests had been reported multiple times.” Koike reportedly added that the Tokyo government will work closely with the central government and public health centers to compile information in order to deliver accurate information to residents. Commercial networks carried similar reports this morning, saying that the total number of cases in Tokyo has increased by 76 to 4,960.

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