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Minister Nishimura discusses criteria for ending state of emergency

  • May 12, 2020
  • , Mainichi, Yomiuri, Sankei
  • JMH Summary

Yomiuri took up remarks made to the press yesterday by Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Nishimura, who said when deciding on whether to end the state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak, the GOJ will take into account the number of new cases in previous weeks, the availability of hospital beds, ventilators and other healthcare items, and the status of PCR diagnostic testing and other monitoring mechanisms. Nishimura suggested that the state of emergency will probably be lifted soon for most of the 34 prefectures that are not designated as areas that warrant special attention.  


Sankei and Mainichi ran similar stories, with the former saying that the GOJ is set to end the state of emergency for all 34 prefectures, plus Ibaraki and Gifu, on May 14. Mainichi noted that restrictions on people’s movement between the 34 prefectures will probably be eased when the emergency declaration is lifted. However, the GOJ is likely to continue to request that large-scale events and gatherings be avoided in these prefectures at least for a while. 

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