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  • May 13, 2020
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NHK, NTV, and TBS gave top coverage to a report that the GOJ is making final arrangements to partially lift the state of emergency tomorrow. NHK said that in addition to the 34 prefectures that are not designated as areas that warrant special attention, the state of emergency may be lifted for Ibaraki, Aichi, Gifu, and Fukuoka. The network added that the GOJ is also carefully examining the possibility of lifting the state of emergency for Kyoto and Ishikawa, depending on the situation in Osaka. According to the network, the state of emergency is unlikely to be lifted for the Tokyo metropolitan area, Osaka, Hyogo, or Hokkaido tomorrow. The GOJ is expected to consider these areas again around May 21. Fuji TV and TV Asahi led with reports that in view of the COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing Diet session, prosecutors are carefully examining the timing of bringing charges against former Justice Minister Kawai and his wife on suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Act. 

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