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GOJ to call on public to avoid “three Cs” even after lifting state of emergency

  • May 13, 2020
  • , NHK, Fuji TV
  • JMH Summary

NHK and Fuji TV reported at noon that the GOJ is set to revise its basic response policy when it partially lifts the state of emergency tomorrow. According to NHK, the GOJ will state in its basic response policy that it will consider the infection situation, the medical care system, and the monitoring system when deciding whether to lift the state of emergency for the remaining prefectures. According to a source, the criteria will include whether the number of new cases was 0.5 or fewer per 100,000 people during the preceding week. The criteria for lifting the state of emergency in Tokyo will also reportedly include whether the number of new cases was 70 or fewer during the preceding week. The basic response policy will also reportedly call on people to adopt a “new lifestyle,” including maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and washing their hands. In addition, the policy will also call on the public to avoid taking nonessential trips, visiting prefectures that are still under a state of emergency, and the “three Cs” – closed spaces with poor ventilation; crowded conditions with many people nearby; and close-contact situations such as close-range conversations. The network said the policy will also call for continued efforts to avoid people-to-people contact through teleworking or staggered commuting.

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