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No. of hospitalized COVID-19 patients on decrease, but medical system remains on alert

  • May 12, 2020
  • , NHK digital
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NHK conducted a survey of all prefectures regarding the health care system. The survey found that the “number of patients” was less than 80% of the “secured hospital beds” in all prefectures except Tokyo. The figure indicates improvement in the situation of  hospital beds.


The result is due to the downward trend in infections. Experts caution that it is necessary to maintain the capacity of the health care system, because future movement of people may cause an increased number of cases in areas that previously had a small number.


NHK requested information on hospital beds and number of hospitalized patients as of May 11 from all prefectures via its network stations across Japan. The results show that the number of “hospital beds secured for coronavirus patients” nationwide was 14,700, an increase of 2,100 from the previous survey on April 27.


In comparison, the current number of “hospitalized patients” was 4,900, a decrease of about 1,400 from the previous survey.


Asked whether there are concerns regarding the health care system, some raised concerns over preparedness for a second wave of infections and the fatigue of health care workers due to prolonged work on the outbreak. (Abridged)

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