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Coronavirus taskforce to propose criteria for discontinuing state of emergency

  • May 14, 2020
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All national dailies reported that the GOJ’s blue-ribbon commission composed of epidemiologists and other leading public health experts is expected to submit to the GOJ today a set of criteria for lifting the state of emergency in individual prefectures. The criteria will reportedly include whether the number of new cases was 0.5 or fewer per 100,000 people during the preceding week. Even if this criterion is not met, the state of emergency could be lifted based on other factors, such as the ease of contact tracing and the availability of ICU beds, PCR diagnostic testing, and other healthcare resources. The taskforce is also set to establish criteria for re-imposing a state of emergency, including numbers of new cases in the past week that point to an exponential rise in the epidemic curve, infection reproduction rates, and the percentage of patients whose infection routes cannot be traced.


The taskforce will also reportedly recommend that all prefectures be put into one of three categories depending on the number of cases: areas that warrant special attention; areas that need to be watched for infection expansion; and areas that require monitoring so as to maintain vigilance against potential waves of infection in the future. Various restrictions on people’s movement, events, and business operations will be imposed or recommended for each category.

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