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Personal info on over 12,000 people leaked after Nikkei comes under cyberattack

  • May 13, 2020
  • , The Mainichi
  • English Press

TOKYO — Nikkei Inc., the publisher of the business daily The Nikkei and other media, announced on May 12 that personal information on a total of 12,514 people had been leaked after a computer used by a group company employee was infected with a virus in an apparent cyberattack.


The leaked information included the names and email addresses of board members, regular and part-time employees and others at the Nikkei headquarters and some of its group companies. The firm said there was no leakage of information pertaining to its readers and customers, nor information gathered by its reporters for news coverage.



According to the company’s public relations office, the employee’s PC was infected on May 8 after they received an email with a virus-ridden attachment. The firm said it took time to detect the anomaly because the virus was of a new type.


Thus far, the company has detected no abuse of the leaked information. However, it called on the public to be on guard against a possible increase in email with senders posing as Nikkei’s headquarters or related parties. For further information, call the firm’s customer center at: 0120-21-4946.


(Japanese original by Kenji Noro, Regional News Department)

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