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Newspapers are most reliable source of COVID-19 information, survey

  • May 12, 2020
  • , Tokyo Shimbun , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

In a survey conducted by 10 newspapers of their readers, 35.3% of respondents said that newspapers were the media they most trusted for information on the new coronavirus, making this the most frequently given response. The finding reveals the trust people place in newspapers of all the media sources they turn to for information, such as television, the Internet, and newspapers. A total of 34.0% of pollees cited NHK as their most trusted source, making this the second most frequently given answer.


Asked which media they use to obtain information about the new coronavirus, a plurality of 93.8% of pollees said newspapers. Commercial television networks, NHK, and Internet news sites gathered 83.9%, 82.3%, and 77.2% of responses, respectively.


Asked if the time they spend looking at news media has changed, a total of 47.5% of respondents said it has either “greatly increased” or “somewhat increased” for newspapers. Over 50% of respondents chose one of these two answers for NHK, commercial television networks, and Internet news sites.


The survey was conducted using the “J-MONITOR” survey platform operated by national, local, and sports newspapers. The survey was conducted over the Internet in April 2020. Responses were obtained from 3,284 people aged 15 to 69.

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