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MCAS Iwakuni tells Japanese base workers not to send children to local schools

Mainichi wrote on Saturday that MCAS Iwakuni authorities have effectively told Japanese base employees and local contractors not to allow their children to attend local schools as part of the base’s own measures to prevent a coronavirus outbreak that will be in place until June 14. In response to the “base’s request,” a total of 68 students at local elementary and middle schools were not attending classes as of May 14 after the local education board reopened the schools on May 7. According to the base’s Facebook page, SOFA members may not be allowed to enter the installation if they send their children to off-base schools. Japanese base workers and contractors were reportedly urged to follow the same guidelines. A base spokesperson reportedly told Mainichi that the base has been in contact with the local education board and confirmed that the absence from school will not cause any disadvantage to the students. However, Japanese workers are reportedly worried about the prolonged absence from school possibly causing their children to fall too far behind academically.   

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