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NHK poll: Majority think Trump reelection would have negative impact on Japan

NHK reported on the results of its survey of 3,600 Japanese people aged 18 or older from February to March, which found that 57% of respondents said that if President Trump were reelected, it would have a negative impact on Japan, while 32% said it would have no particular impact, and 10% said it would have a positive impact. When asked whether the Trump administration can be depended on in resolving the abduction issue, 16% said yes, while 82% said no. When asked about the U.S.-Japan alliance, 18% said it should be further strengthened and 55% said it should be maintained as is, while 22% said the level of cooperation should be lessened and 3% said it should be dissolved. Keio University Professor Toshihiro Nakayama, who specializes in U.S. politics, reportedly pointed out: “The results show that there is a widespread awareness that Japan’s relationship with the U.S. is the most important, regardless of who the president is. However, people are probably feeling sort of fearful about whether the U.S. can continue to be a reliable partner under the Trump administration.”

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