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Japan considers easing entry restrictions on foreign travelers in three stages

  • May 22, 2020
  • , Nikkei
  • JMH Summary

Nikkei wrote that the GOJ will make preparations for easing entry restrictions on foreign visitors in a three-stage process, with business travelers and researchers being the first to get the green light followed by international students and tourists. The paper speculated that the GOJ is hoping to revitalize the economy by gradually easing entry restrictions while keeping a close eye on the infection situations at home and abroad. The paper speculated that the government is preparing to ease the entry restrictions for business travelers in an effort to kickstart the economy and for international students in order to secure enough workers at convenience stores and other businesses in the country’s understaffed service sector. While foreign tourists would help to boost consumption, they will be the last group to be allowed to enter due to the risk of a second wave of infection. The paper speculated that the GOJ is considering Vietnam, Taiwan, and parts of Europe that have had few infections and have strong economic ties with Japan as candidates for lifting the entry restrictions at an early date.

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