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Japan’s defense white paper warns of China’s attempts to increase influence

All national dailies reported on the draft outline of Japan’s annual defense white paper to be released by the Ministry of Defense in the summer. Yomiuri wrote that in a section assessing the impact of the new coronavirus, the document says that China is seeking to establish an order that is advantageous to it and expand its influence in the world and the region by providing medical equipment to nations in need and that Japan will closely watch such attempts with grave concern as a security issue. The draft white paper also says China is apparently conducting campaigns to expand its influence, including dissemination of false information, by capitalizing on social confusion over the new coronavirus outbreak, and criticized China’s continued attempts to unilaterally change the status quo regarding the Senkaku Islands. The document describes the DPRK as posing a “serious and imminent threat,” using the same language as last year.

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