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GOJ mulls Abe’s participation in possible G7 summit at Camp David

  • May 22, 2020
  • , Asahi, Mainichi
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Mainichi wrote that in response to President Trump’s expression of desire to hold this year’s G7 summit at Camp David in June, the GOJ has begun preparations for Prime Minister Abe to attend the meeting. The paper said the GOJ is perplexed by the President’s abrupt change of plans amid the global coronavirus pandemic. Asahi wrote that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga commented on President Trump’s tweet on Wednesday suggesting the possibility of holding a G7 summit at Camp David in June by reportedly telling the press on Thursday that the GOJ is studying the possibility of Abe attending it. The paper wrote that the President’s message took the GOJ by surprise. The paper quoted Suga as also telling reporters that the remarks may represent the President’s desire to normalize the world economy quickly. The paper also quoted an official close to Prime Minister Abe as saying that Japan has no option other than to participate in the G7 meeting if it is held there.

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