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Ministry to financially support medical, nursing care staff fighting coronavirus

  • May 22, 2020
  • , Nikkei , p. 5
  • JMH Translation

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will bolster support for medical and nursing care facilities to guard against a prolonged coronavirus outbreak and a second wave of infections. It will consider increasing the number of hospital beds dedicated to coronavirus patients and paying allowances to medical and nursing care providers in a bid to prevent the medical service system from collapsing. It will also double the upper limit of subsidies for parents who are forced to stop working due to temporary school closures to 15,000 yen per day to support their livelihood. These measures will be included in the second supplementary budget for fiscal 2020 to be finalized later this month. (Abridged)



Outline of the supplementary budget under consideration at the health ministry (Including a special budget account)

Medical and nursing care                                                                  

Expanding subsidies related to the new coronavirus. (paying all related expenses out of public funds)

– Support for priority hospitals

– Bonuses for medical staff

– Measures against hospital infections

– Allowances for nursing care staff working at facilities where coronavirus cases have been confirmed

1.6 trillion yen

Strengthening the testing system, including support for setting up PCR testing sites

60 billion yen

Improving systems, including the development of vaccines and drugs

200 billion yen

Securing face masks and other protective equipment to prevent infections

430 billion yen

Employment and child-rearing                                                                 

Raising the daily upper limit of employment adjustment subsidies to 15,000 yen

770 billion yen

Providing up to 330,000 yen a month to employees of smaller firms who cannot receive a leave allowance

540 billion yen

Securing unemployment benefits to brace for an increase in the number of people without jobs

240 billion yen

Raising the daily upper limit of subsidies for people forced to stop working due to school closures to 15,000 yen

5 billion yen

Creating subsidies for working pregnant women who need to take time off from work

9 billion yen

Strengthening support for pregnant women, such as subsidizing PCR tests

17 billion yen

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