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Notification of change in polling methodology, Mainichi poll

  • May 24, 2020
  • , Mainichi , p. 1
  • JMH Translation

The Mainichi Shimbun conducted its nationwide public opinion polls through April 2020, using a method where pollsters placed telephone calls to fixed and mobile phone lines. Because working at a call center came to pose a risk of coronavirus contagion for pollsters and because it was unclear when the virus would subside, the Mainichi decided that it could not continue to use this polling methodology.


The May 23 nationwide poll is the third survey that the Mainichi has conducted in cooperation with the Social Survey Research Center, following the polls conducted on April 8 and May 6. Because the Center conducts its polls using automated calls and short message service (SMS) texts, no pollsters are put at risk of contracting the coronavirus.


The survey continues to be conducted on a computer-aided random digit sampling (RDS) basis, as it has been in the past. Requests for cooperation in the poll are made using interactive voice responses to mobile phone numbers, and the web address of an online survey is sent via SMS to those who agree to participate.


Now that it has been confirmed that stable data can be obtained in terms of such factors as the age-group composition of respondents, the Mainichi will switch to the Social Survey Research Center’s polling methodology from now on.

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