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Cabinet approval plunges to 27%

Sunday’s Mainichi reported on the results of its third opinion poll conducted jointly with the Social Survey Research Center on May 23, which found that public approval for the Abe cabinet was at 27%, down by 13 points from the last survey conducted on May 6. Nonsupport rose from 45% to 64%. Public support for the cabinet was 44% in the first joint survey of this type conducted on April 8. Concerning Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office chief Kurokawa’s resignation due to a gambling scandal, a majority called for a more severe punishment, with 52% saying he should have received a disciplinary dismissal and 33% saying his resignation was appropriate. As for the responsibility of the Abe cabinet in allowing Kurokawa’s retirement to be extended from February, 47% said both Abe and Justice Minister Mori are responsible and 28% said Abe is responsible. Among those who said the responsibility lies with either Abe or both Abe and Mori, public support for the cabinet was reportedly 13% and nonsupport was 78%. The paper added that public criticism over the issue of the public prosecutor’s office apparently pushed down cabinet approval.


Monday’s Asahi also reported on the results of its weekend poll, which showed a drop in public approval for the Abe cabinet from 33% on May 16-17 to 29%, the lowest level since the current Abe administration was launched in December 2012. Nonsupport rose to 52%. On the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, 57% expressed disapproval and 30% voiced approval.  When asked about their trust in Abe, 48% said it has dropped because of his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, 45% said it has not changed, and 5% said it has grown. As for the GOJ’s measures on COVID-19 testing, 59% expressed disapproval and 25% expressed approval. On the GOJ’s assistance for corporations or individuals who have suffered economic hardship due to the virus outbreak, 57% expressed nonsupport and 32% expressed support.

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