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SDF-related data may have leaked due to cyberattack on NTT Communications

  • May 29, 2020
  • , Nikkei, Sankei
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Nikkei wrote that it learned from informed sources on Thursday that information related to the SDF’s communication networks may have been leaked after NTT Communications Corp. suffered cyberattacks earlier this month. NTT Communications said on Thursday that information regarding 621 client companies may have been leaked because of unauthorized access to its network. The paper wrote that the Defense Ministry is investigating the case in cooperation with the company, suspecting that the possible leakage of data could affect the operation of the SDF’s core system. According to the paper, the suspected leaks include information about communications equipment and the layout of the MSDF’s maritime operation center in Yokosuka. Communication lines in about 10 SDF locations and more than 100 data files were reportedly accessed without authorization. The paper wrote that all the data was linked to business that NTT Communications had received from the ministry and that although the data in question did not appear to be “secrets” as designated by the ministry, there is concern that the leakage may compromise the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII), a communications network between the ministry and the SDF. The company shut down communications with the outside after detecting abnormal activity on its servers on May 7 and found by May 13 that leaks may have occurred. It also discovered multiple incidents of unauthorized access to Defense Ministry-related information from May 4 to 5 through a Singapore-based server. Sankei ran a similar report.

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