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Kitakyushu swept by “second wave” of COVID-19

  • May 29, 2020
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All broadcasters took up remarks made this morning by Mayor Kitahashi of Kitakyushu, who said the city is “currently in the middle of a second wave” of coronavirus infection. According to the networks, the routes of infection for almost half of the 43 newly confirmed cases in the past six days are unknown. Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told the press earlier today that the current situation does not warrant an immediate issuance of a state of emergency. “Only 40 people are currently hospitalized in Fukuoka Prefecture,” the government spokesman said: “The prefectural government has secured 490 beds [for COVID-19 patients], including 93 in Kitakyushu…. At this point, the local authorities are handling the situation appropriately.” He reportedly dismissed the view that the city is witnessing a second wave.

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