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U.S. Embassy official speaks on energy plant exports, nuclear fuel recycling, oil market  

Nikkei, Kyodo, and Jiji reported on Saturday on an online media roundtable featuring U.S. Embassy Energy Attaché Ross Matzkin that took place on Friday. Nikkei focused on the official’s remarks expressing concern that many countries have tapped Chinese and Russian technology and expertise for their new nuclear power plants. Matzkin reportedly said the U.S. will promote “small module reactors” for foreign customers in a bid to restore U.S. leadership on the nuclear energy front. Kyodo took up Matzkin’s comment on Japan’s nuclear fuel recycling policy in which he said that U.S. does not adopt such a policy since it is very costly and incompatible with nuclear nonproliferation. According to Jiji, Matzkin projected that the global petroleum market will see a “robust recovery” in the latter half of this year, adding that the coronavirus pandemic has had little impact on exports of U.S. oil products to the Asia-Pacific region.    

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