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Abe mentions possibility of G7 issuing statement on Hong Kong 

  • June 11, 2020
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All national papers reported on Prime Minister Abe’s remarks at the Diet on Wednesday, in which he said the G7 is likely to issue a statement voicing its concern about the situation in Hong Kong triggered by China’s enactment of national security legislation for the semi-autonomous territory. “The issue of Hong Kong should be resolved based on the one-nation, two-systems principle,” said the premier. “Japan will take the lead in releasing a statement.”  

He reportedly underscored the importance of issuing such a document on the grounds that the G7 cherishes such “universal values as freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.” Yomiuri conjectured that a statement will perhaps be released under the name of the foreign ministers.    


According to the dailies, China reacted strongly to Abe’s statement, with a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson saying: “We’ve expressed serious concern to the Japanese side…. As Hong Kong is completely an internal affair of China, no foreign forces have the right to intervene.”      


In a related story, NHK reported online this morning that Foreign Minister Motegi and his French counterpart Le Drian held a teleconference and shared deep concern about China’s move to impose the national security law on Hong Kong, and agreed to work closely in various frameworks, including the G7. According to a government source, the two ministers confirmed that the G7 foreign ministers will soon issue a joint statement expressing apprehension about China’s move and calling on China to maintain the one-country, two-systems principle. 

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