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Tokyo Governor Koike seeks second term 

  • June 13, 2020
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The Saturday editions of all national papers reported that during a press conference on Friday, Tokyo Governor Koike officially announced her intention to seek reelection in the July 5 gubernatorial race. The governor stressed that she will call for the voters’ support for her efforts to stem a second wave of the coronavirus infection, rebuild the local economy to make Tokyo an international financial center, and pursue administrative reforms. She explained that she will not make any stump speeches. “My campaign will be conducted online with its central theme being ‘with coronavirus, post-coronavirus,’” said Koike. “Since I am the incumbent, my top priority will be to perform my gubernatorial duties rather than campaigning.” Koike emphasized that she will not seek the endorsement of any political parties, with Mainichi conjecturing that the governor is confident that she will be able to clinch a second term.   

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