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Japan to discuss capability to strike enemy bases

  • June 26, 2020
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All national dailies reported on Defense Minister Kono’s statement at an LDP meeting on national defense on Thursday that the GOJ has given up on deploying Aegis Ashore batteries in Yamaguchi and Akita prefectures. Nikkei wrote that the LDP will launch a new group to discuss the possibility of Japan acquiring the capability to attack enemy bases with the goal of making recommendations to the GOJ in July. Mainichi speculated that coordination within the ruling coalition may be difficult because the Komeito party is taking a cautious stance toward the enemy base strike option in view of Japan’s exclusively defense-oriented policy.


In a related development, Nikkei reported on Kono’s remarks at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan on Thursday. The paper wrote that the defense minister reportedly said it is necessary to determine what exactly “the capability of attacking enemy bases” means before discussing the possibility of Japan acquiring it because the term could be confused with a “preemptive strike capability” in relation to Japan’s constitution or international law. Kono reportedly stressed that the direction of the GOJ’s discussions on a new security strategy minus the Aegis Ashore system must be defensive and within the scope of the Constitution.

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