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GOJ to revise basic space policy 

  • June 30, 2020
  • , Asahi, Nikkei
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Asahi and Nikkei wrote that the GOJ’s strategic headquarters for space development agreed on Monday on revisions to Japan’s basic plan on its national space policy for the next ten years. Asahi wrote that the revisions demonstrate the GOJ’s policy of attaching importance for Japan’s use of outer space for security purposes, as the nation will increase the number of information-gathering satellites to ten from the current four and jointly develop with the United States a satellite to detect and track missiles. Nikkei wrote that the headquarters agreed to study the idea of launching multiple small satellites to detect missiles fired by North Korea and other nations in cooperation with the United States. The headquarters also established a goal of doubling the scale of Japan’s space development industry in the early 2030s. The GOJ established its basic space policy in 2009 and will revise it for the first time in five years in response to the growing importance of the use of outer space for security and disaster prevention purposes. The paper quoted Prime Minister Abe as saying at a meeting of the headquarters on Monday that the GOJ will make large-scale investments in the development of quantum cryptography for satellite communications and measures to deal with space debris. 

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