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No conclusion reached on whether to set up WTO panel on Japan-ROK dispute 

  • June 30, 2020
  • , Nikkei, Sankei
  • JMH Summary

Nikkei and Sankei wrote that the WTO failed on Monday to reach a conclusion on whether to set up a dispute settlement panel to discuss South Korea’s complaint about Japan’s tightened export controls on semiconductor materials bound for South Korea, and decided to discuss the issue again next month. According to Sankei, Japan argued against Seoul’s proposal at a WTO meeting on Monday by saying that Tokyo is strongly concerned that Seoul’s request to set up a panel is a challenge to the international framework for nonproliferation of weapons, including weapons of mass destruction..  


In a related development, Nikkei wrote that moves are accelerating in South Korea to increase the production of semiconductor-related materials at home following Japan’s imposition of stricter export controls on July 1, 2019, as the ROK government is supporting private sector research and development efforts.  

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