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Japan to shift away from coal power generation in face of international criticism

  • July 3, 2020
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All national papers reported on Friday on the GOJ decision to call for the closure or suspension of about 100 “inefficient” coal-fired power plants that emit large amounts of carbon dioxide by FY2030 in the face of growing international criticism of Japan’s heavy reliance on coal power generation. The papers said there are 140 coal power plants in Japan, and 110 of them are deemed “inefficient.” About 90% of such inefficient coal power plants will be subject to closure or suspension. The paper said that electric utilities, especially those in rural areas that depend heavily on coal power generation, are perplexed by the government’s decision. Nikkei wrote that in view of strong opposition from the utility companies, METI is planning to continue operating highly efficient coal power plants, saying that this runs counter to moves by European nations to shut down all coal power plants.

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